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Changing the USB Network IP

By default, both rM1 and rM2 expose USB Ethernet networks using the network block. The devices both listen on and assign IPs to clients in the range from to You might want to change this network configuration, for example if you own both a rM1 and a rM2 and you want to plug them both to the same computer.

Warning: Be careful when changing the USB network configuration in a SSH through USB session—you could easily lock yourself out if you make a mistake! You should leave a terminal emulator like Fingerterm running on the device so that you can easily restore the network configuration to its previous state in case something goes wrong.

As an example, we’ll change the configuration to use the block. First, open the network definition file located in /usr/lib/systemd/network/ You’ll need to change the following line:


Then, open the DHCP server configuration located /etc/udhcpd.usb0.conf. Look for the following lines and update them:

option          broadcast

Restart both the DHCP server and the network service to apply the configuration changes.

$ systemctl restart busybox-udhcpd@usb0.service systemd-networkd

Finally, unplug the USB cable and plug it back again to renew your computer’s DHCP lease.

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