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Changing the Timezone

Changing the timezone may be required for the development of custom applications, in particular ones that display time. Due to unknown reasons, the reMarkable interaface does not expose a visible clock to the user. Additionally, the reMarkable is equipped with an embedded version of Linux that does not provide the /usr/share/zoneinfo directory which typically contains timezone files that are symlinked to /etc/timezone.

Temporarily Changing The Timezone

To temporarily change the timezone for the current shell instance, you can set the TZ variable to the appropriate timezone

$ TZ="CET"
$ date
Fri dec  8 10:38:50 CET 2017

Note: The timezone change is restricted to the shell session in which it has been set. Attempting to retrieve the time outside of the current shell session will display the old timezone

Permanently Changing The Timezone

reZone script

The reZone script provided by the reHackable organisation will update the reMarkable timezone according to the host machine.

Download the script

$ curl -o

Finally execute the script. If you opt to connect to your device trough wireless instead of USB, you may provide the IP address as parameter

$ chmod +x
$ ./

If no issues were raised, the timezone has been changed and the script will confirm the success.

Manually Updating the Timezone

To update the timezone manually, the following line must be edited in /etc/profile

TZ="UTC"           # Time Zone. Look at

To your new timezone (ie CET)

TZ="CET"           # Time Zone. Look at

After the line has been changed, save your changes. To confirm your new timezone, instance a new shell and execute date.

$ bash
$ date
Fri dec  8 11:23:46 CET 2017
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