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Customizing the Templates

The templates are PNG files and are located in /usr/share/remarkable/templates/ you add new templates by simply copying additional files to this folder using SSH Access.

Alternatively you can use the free reMarkable Assistant or the eInkPads Template Installer with Drag n Drop functionality.


The templates are in the exact size of 1404×1872 pixels. The Menu Bar, if not closed, takes exactly 120 pixels on the top and on the left side.

Change default Template

There was a tip posted on Reddit about changing the default template that is used for new notebooks.

The template Blank.png is set to be used as the default template when creating a new notebook.

To have another template make a backup of the original Blank.png (eg. rename to Original-Blank.png) and just to be sure make a copy on your computer in case of an update overwrite.

Then rename(or copy) the template you want to use as the default to Blank.png and you have a new default template!

Templates by other Users

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