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Tips and Tricks

Note, many of the tips mentioned here require access via SSH Access. Be careful with what you change, or you might accidentally brick your device.


  • see other tools listed on this page and this Awesome list
  • to generate a token and use with cloud (Connect subscription) clients
  • Free
    • reMarkable Assistant for easy tweaking
    • Remy - Browse, preview, export, import your files both from the tablet and from local backups (multiplatform)
    • Slithin - Manage your Remarkable easily on any desktop platform written in C# (Beta Version)
    • Setting up rclone for 3rd Party cloud syncing
    • File-Tree Script to create a named structure of the reMarkable's flat files
    • rMExplorer for exploring and downloading files, and to make backups
    • reMarkable mouse for using your reMarkable as a mouse input (like a Wacom graphics tablet) on your PC
    • remarkable-hacks - binary hacks, that tweak many little useful things, and even enable use of the Lamy pen's button to toggle eraser
    • Get an email address for free and use it to subscribe to newsletters or send anything to your reMarkable (NOTE: feature is no longer available when checked on 2023-03-10 - site owner lists the reason on the site).
    • MailMarkable: Send newsletters to your reMarkable tablet so you can read and notate them without distraction (NOTE: site seems to be down as of 2023-03-10).
    • rmview A multiplatform screen sharing client.
  • Paid





Data Access

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