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File Transfer

There are various methods to transfer files to and from your reMarkable:

The reMarkable community also offers a variety of 3rd party tools:

  • – host sided script to push a PDF to the reMarkable using ssh (zsh, uuidgen, imagemagick)
  • – host sided bash script that can push one or more documents to the reMarkable using the Web client and SSH (bash, curl, ssh, nc)
  • reMarkableAPI1) – command line tool to upload and download via the cloud API (php)
  • ReMarkable Chrome Extension - Extension that allows you to 'print' any page from Chrome and send it to your ReMarkable wirelessly as a pdf.
  • reMarkable Connection Utility (paid) - Cross-platform, all-in-one client for low-level backups, managing documents and templates, uploading wallpapers and 3rd-party software
  • rmapi2) – interactive command line tool to upload and download via the cloud API (golang)
1) , 2)
Does not support the transfer of EPUBs.
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