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 ====== USB Network ====== ====== USB Network ======
-reMarkable ​have set the device up to present ​as a USB ethernet ​device when plugged into a PC/Mac etcThe reMarkable ​runs a DHCP server and will listen on ''​''​ by default ​and provide out the IP address ​''​''​ (not sure it will provide any more than a single client IP). +The reMarkable ​shows as an Ethernet ​device when plugged into a computer via USBIt runs a DHCP server and will listen on ''​''​ by default, assigning IP addresses in the ''​'' ​to ''​''​ range (see also [[tips:​usbip]]). The DHCP server configuration is in ''/​etc/​udhcpd.usb0.conf''​ and the network configuration is in ''/​usr/​lib/​systemd/​network/​''​.
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