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Staedtler Noris Digital


Nibs are softer and a bit rubbery compared to the reMarkable Marker. Classic pencil size and shape maybe a little long though, keep it away from the pencil sharpener!.


Here is a list of properties that have been extracted from various Facebook comments.

  • the nib is thinner which might account for the difference in tilt effect
    • feels more like a felt pen than a pencil
    • fine to write with less so for drawing
  • entire pencil is also thinner than the RM pencil
    • may make it less less comfortable to hold for some
    • falls out of the folio
  • nibs seem to leave some residue that may look like scratches on first use
  • consistent stroke width
  • fingers can be closer to the screen

Wiki User Comments

  • The Noris Digital is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 nibs. I personally prefer the gray (hard) nibs, since it transmits some of the “paper” feel into the stylus than the soft (black) nibs.
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