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Samsung S-Pen (Note Series)

Pressure SensitivityVery Good
Pen AngleGood
Calibration (Accuracy)Perfect


As Samsung's Note line screens are all based on the same technology, all Samsung Note line stylii should work equally well. This includes:


  • doesn't detect very light pressure that you'd perhaps need for sketching but fine for handwriting
  • The nib in Note 4 pens (probably others as well) is mounted to a spring mechanism, making the nib slightly sink into the pen when applying pressure. This makes the whole writing experience very different from the rM pen
  • Just tried the Galaxy note 9 stylus on my remarkable and it doesn t seem to work.

FIXME There seem to be different nibs available, some harder some softer than the RM one. We need some more nuanced feedback:

Nibs are harder and smoother than those in the reMarkable Marker, and the shorter, narrower stylus makes for a different writing experience. Nibs are softer and writing feels less like on paper.
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