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Lamy AL-star EMR

Pressure SensitivityPerfect
Pen AnglePerfect
Calibration (Accuracy)Perfect

Review from the remarkable usergroup:

Simple Review of the Lamy AL Star EMR (Day 3) System: 2.0 and 1- Lamy tip has to be replaced with the RM tips for the texturized feel (Otherwise it feels like glass when writing) I like the white tips best on a black pen 2- It mimics the AL Fountain design, so if you like the fountain pen, you will like the EMR 3- slight change in writing style- it felt faster than the RM but over last day, its not noticeable.

4- There is a small side button on the grip- I keep hitting it but it doesnt do anything for the RM- so I ignore it

Overall- was exactly what I wanted- a real pen vs stylus. I hope other pen companies start to do the same- as I think the move to EMR is real-

slowan: Another simple review

System: Comparable review of using original pen and LAMY Al-star EMR with remarkable nib.

Using remarkable pen

Generally good comfortable experience with occasional inaccuracy and not that smooth transition between angles and pressure. Subjectively it is not good that the nib is not held tightly.


Despite precision is really good, sometimes during writing I perceive the lines are not exactly where I would expect them. I would describe it as inaccuracy up to 0.5mm in main area (out of edges). At edges it is inconsistently precise and not precise (up to 2 mm spread 0.5cm to edge).

Pressure sensitivity

Ok, but not great. It is hard to hit middle pressure for the pencil tool thus not easy to draw/fill smooth gradient.

Pen Angle

Ok, the transient is not that natural I would say.

Using Lamy AL-star EMR: with original Remarkable nib

It is really great experience as it behaves more consistently except at left edge (not a big deal, almost same as with remarkable). It feels more like a real pen. After few pages I feel more confident about writing than with Remarkable pen. The plus is that nib is tightly held in the pen. remarkable-hack maintainer added button support for changing pen/eraser! Awesome!


Precision is great. It is exceptional at most part of the screen where I don't perceive any inconsistencies except at left screen edge. There (up to 0.5cm from) is similar inconsistency as with remarkable pen, but spread is a bit higher. Lines are going up to 3 mm toward the edge.

Pressure sensitivity

Pressure sensitivity is way better than with original Remarkable pen (from light touch through smoother transitions to more correct lines width during high pressure).

Pen Angle

Feels a bit more consistent and natural than Remarkable pen.

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