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Lamy AL-star EMR

Pressure SensitivityUnknown
Pen AngleUnknown
Calibration (Accuracy)Unknown

Review from the remarkable usergroup:

Simple Review of the Lamy AL Star EMR (Day 3) System: 2.0 and 1- Lamy tip has to be replaced with the RM tips for the texturized feel (Otherwise it feels like glass when writing) I like the white tips best on a black pen 2- It mimics the AL Fountain design, so if you like the fountain pen, you will like the EMR 3- slight change in writing style- it felt faster than the RM but over last day, its not noticeable.

4- There is a small side button on the grip- I keep hitting it but it doesnt do anything for the RM- so I ignore it

Overall- was exactly what I wanted- a real pen vs stylus. I hope other pen companies start to do the same- as I think the move to EMR is real-

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