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reMarkable Stylus and Alternatives

The reMarkable uses a battery less active stylus. A replacement can be bought in the official shop.

Compatible Styli

The following table contains a list of styli that have been tested with the reMarkable. Remember that the qualities of each stylus are subjective: test them before you buy them.

PagePressure SensitivityPen AngleCalibration (Accuracy)
Lamy AL-star EMRPerfectPerfectPerfect
Lenovo ThinkPad PenVery GoodGoodPerfect
Lenovo Yogabook stylusGoodGoodFair
NoName Chinese TipsUnknownUnknownUnknown
Onyx Boox Max Carta Pro 2 Wacom Digitzer stylusPerfectFairPerfect
Raytrektab DG-D08IWP StylusVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
Samsung S-Pen (Note Series)Very GoodGoodPerfect
Staedtler Noris DigitalVery GoodVery GoodPerfect
Staedtler Noris Digital JumboVery GoodVery GoodPerfect
Wacom ACK22201 black (hard) TipsUnknownUnknownUnknown
Wacom ACK22203 white felt TipsUnknownUnknownUnknown
reMarkable PenPerfectPerfectPerfect

An in depth review video of various pens can be found here: "The Best Pen And Nib Combination For Remarkable (...)" at youtube, uploaded December 05, 2020

Incompatible Styli

The following list contains the styli that are known to be not compatible with the reMarkable.

In general: styli that need batteries will not work and styli that are advertised as “compatible with any iOS or Android tablet” won't either.

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