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MoKo 9-10 Inch Sleeve Bag, Protective Felt Case Cover

I've had the light grey version for my chromebook flip for a couple of years and I still like it. I bought the dark grey version for my reMarkable and it's a great fit. For the stylus:

  • Fintie Pencil Holder with USB Adapter Pocket for Apple Pencil - Vegan Leather Case Sleeve Pouch

The pictures show a problem I ran into strapping the pencil sleeve around the felt case. I solved it by sliding a strip of corrugated cardboard inside the front pocket. It's stiff enough to prevent the felt case from bending when the tablet isn't in it.

If corrugated cardboard is too low-rent for you, you could use some fancy black foam board left over from your reMarkable custom foldable cover project.

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