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Emmerson Gray Sleeve

Emmerson Gray, a UK-based maker of felt sleeves for tablets, laptops and phones, has released a model specifically made for the ReMarkable:

Available same day dispatch if ordered before 11am direct from the Emmerson Gray website, or via eBay

Colours available are: Grey, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink. Pen loop is optional. Prices GBP 11.49 without, GBP 13.49 with pen loop, including free UK delivery. GBP 5 for international delivery.

Having bought the initial prototype, I found it to be slightly too small and lacking a charging hole for the USB connector.

I contacted the company and they confirmed they had not actually seen a ReMarkable, so they were grateful for the feedback.

They then very kindly sent me a new one which included the charging hole and was made slightly larger in both directions. The new design is now a perfect fit.

The felt is about 4mm (over 1/4“) thick and very good quality.

Second happy customer!

I bought one of these too and was really impressed with the price, fit, and customer service - highly recommended!

Third happy customer!

+1 on this. Sleeve has charging and grapping hole and feels nicely soft. With this, my reMarkable even fits in the pocket of my winter jacket (it didn't with another sleeve).

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