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Alternative Apps and Clients

There appear to be a number of devs/companies working on additional and alternative clients and apps to accompany the rM, as well as pieces of software that can be run on the rM.

A curated list of projects regarding the reMarkable paper tablet is available on the awesome page of the reHackable group on GitHub.

Here are some examples below:

Desktop clients
  • reMarkable Connection Utility (RCU): A (paid) cross-platform client for all-in-one offline management of backups, screenshots, notebooks, templates, wallpaper, and third-party software
  • Slithin: A free cross platform management client for backup, notebook, template and screens. With internal tools create and edit notebooks
Template management
Command Line Interfaces
  • remt Note-taking support tool for reMarkable tablet.
  • maxio rM2svg and exportNotebook scripts.
  • reHackable scripts especially repush and repull scripts to send/recieve files to/from the rMarkable.
Launcher for Applications
  • Draft is a launcher for programs on the tablet. It can launch the default xochitl software, but also fingerterm, or alternative readers, like Plato (see below).
  • Oxide a launcher for programs on the tablet that was based on Draft. It is compatible with draft, but has more built in features.
  • remux a launcher for the remarkable that works side by side with your apps.
Terminal for the reMarkable tablet
  • Fingerterm is a terminal emulator designed for touch based interaction.
  • Yaft yet another framebuffer terminal.
Alternative ebook readers
  • Plato, an alternative reader initially written for the Kobo e-reader has been ported to the reMarkable tablet.
  • KOReader a document viewer for E Ink devices.
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