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Background. At work I'm forever using my reMarkable (or a whiteboard) to sketch out ideas. Clearly I can't do that on lockdown, so I've been struggling to articulate my thoughts effectively.

What would be really great is if I could use my reMarkable as an input tool so my scribbles could be seen on the screen during Zoom/Skype meetings.

My work laptop is pretty tightly controlled to prevent viruses, etc., so I can't get the reMarkable Desktop app to work on it, and so LiveView is not an option. I decided I'd buy a graphics tablet to do the job, but clearly everyone else has had the same idea and they are all sold out.

Luckily I came across Evidlo's superb remarkable mouse script which enables the reMarkable to control your mouse pointer…

Installing Python

The remarkable mouse tool requires Python (a programming language) to be installed on your computer.

For work I use a Windows 10 laptop, and getting Python onto the work laptop was a bit of a challenge because the default installation settings needed Administrator rights.

If you have Admin rights the default installation should work. For me I needed to do the following:

  1. Download the latest Python version - for me it was 3.8.2 - from
  2. Open the python-3.8.2.exe file (or whichever yours is called)
  3. Click Custom Installation (Do not tick the Add Python 3.8 to PATH box)
  4. Then at this section do the following then press Next:
    1. Tick Documentation
    2. Tick pip
    3. Tick tcl/tk and IDLE
    4. Tick Python test suite
    5. Tick py launcher
    6. Untick for all users
  5. On the Advanced Options section:
    1. Untick Install for all users
    2. Tick Associate files with Python
    3. Tick Create shortcuts for installed applications
    4. Untick Add Python to environment variables
    5. Untick Precompile standard library
    6. Untick Download debugging symbols
    7. Untick Download debug binaries
    8. Select an appropriate file location. For me the pre-populated one suffuced, namely:
      C:\Users\**Your Login Name**\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32
  6. Press Install

Installing remarkable mouse

My knowledge of Python is almost non-existant, but I believe remarkable mouse is effectively a package for Python.

You can download remarkable mouse by:

  1. Start Command Prompt via the Windows Start button.
  2. You now need to run the PIP tool, which is a package installer. You will need to change the directory to the directory that contains the pip.exe file. For me this is
    C:\Users\**Your Login Name**\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32\Scripts
  3. Change directory by typing cd then the folder name and press Enter:
    cd C:\Users\**Your Login Name**\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32\Scripts
  4. Type pip and press Enter.
  5. Type pip install remarkable-mouse and press Enter.

Running the remarkable mouse application

The remouse application is typically started from Command Prompt (but we can simplify this later).

The application can be launched with a number of parameters:

  • address: This is the IP address of your remarkable tablet, and is visible by selecting Menu | Settings | About and scrolling down to the bottom. For me worked.
  • orientation: This controls which way the tablet is orientated. For me left works best.
  • monitor: I presume the app can only control one monitor. For me 0 worked.
  • password: This is the password you need to connect to reMarkable. This is found just above where the IP address is.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the folder where the remouse.exe file is. For me this is by typing
    cd C:\Users\**Your Login Name**\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32\Scripts
  2. Enter the following into the Command Prompt (or whichever setting are applicable to you):
    remouse --address --orientation left --monitor 0 --password **YourPassword**
  3. Wait a few seconds then you should see a message saying connected to Your IP address.

Using the remarkable mouse application

The remarkable is now in control of the mouse. To move the mouse, just hover the nib over the tablet by about 5–10mm. To click, just tap where you want. I've not worked out how to right click, but many windows keyboards have a right click button (or failing that press Shift+F10) over where the mouse is.

If your monitor and reMarkable screen are not the same size (in pixels), which they almost certainly won't be, you'll find that part of the reMarkable screen goes outside the monitor's screen. You can either get used to this, or consider creating your own custom template to make it obvious what area of the reMarkable screen you can actually use.

If you write/draw very fast Windows doesn't appear to keep up and so creates loses definition. Slow down and things look much better. Try this yourself by drawing a circle very fast, and then one a bit slower.

To switch off the remarkable mouse tool, simply close the Command Prompt.

Avoid having to type the launch script

You can speed up launching the remarkable mouse application by creating a .bat file which will run your desired settings just from a double click. I've got mine stored on the desktop.

To create a .bat file:

  1. Open up notepad then:
    1. Press File | Save As
    2. Select All Files from the Save As Type dropdown
    3. Name your file with the extension .bat at the end, for example, re_mouse.bat.
  2. To start the app, the batch command start is used and is then followed by the path of the folder which houses remouse.exe and then the custom parameters of your choice. For me I used
    start C:\Users\**Your login name**\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32\Scripts\remouse.exe --address --orientation left --monitor 0 --threshold 100 --password **Your password**
  3. I also want to open paint so I can start scribbling straight away. FYI I've found OneNote doesn't work effectively for some reason. To also do this type on a new line:
    start C:\Windows\System32\mspaint.exe
  4. Press Save

Now just double click the .bat file, and then to end it close the Python window that pops up.

The End

Hopefully this has been useful. Thanks to Evidlo for creating this wonderful app.

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