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-==== Python 3 is not working ​====+==== Python 3 Installation ​==== 
 +To install python 3 you need to find which glibc version your remarkable device is running. For example, for a Remarkable running, I used this command to determine my glibc version. 
 +  root@remarkable:​~#​ /​lib/​ --version 
 +  GNU C Library (GNU libc) stable release version 2.27. 
 +You see from above the version is 2.27. 
 +The visit http://​​aarm/​packages/​g/​glibc/​ and find the earliest and latest dates for that version and armv7h architecture in this list: eg 
 +  glibc-2.27-2-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz 2018-Apr-15 07:​02:​32 8.1M application/​x-xz 
 +  ... 
 +  glibc-2.27-3-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz 2018-May-06 23:​53:​48 8.1M application/​x-xz 
 +From this list you can see that 2.27 glibc was available between Apr 15th and May 6th 2018. Now go to http://​​aarm/​packages/​p/​python/​ and locate all the python 3 packages between those dates. Again be sure to choose architecture armv7h.  
 +  python-3.6.5-1-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz 2018-Apr-17 05:​16:​25 16.3M application/​x-xz 
 +  ... 
 +  python-3.6.5-2-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz 2018-Apr-25 05:​26:​46 16.4M application/​x-xz 
 +Copy the latest url to a clipboard. In this case it's http://​​aarm/​packages/​p/​python/​python-3.6.5-2-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz. You can download this link directly onto your remarkable using wget and untar it using "tar xf" to a safe directory and follow similar instructions to the python 2 ones above.
-Python 3 does not work because it depends on ''​GLIBC_2.25''​ being present on the system, while on the reMarkable there currently is the 2.23 version. 
-=== Workaround === 
-It is theoretically possible to add a custom ''​libc''​ in ''/​home/​root/​.localpackages/​python3-version-armv7h/​usr/​lib'',​ but it has not been tested so far. Keep in mind that the reMarkable uses a custom built ''​libc''​ and changing it system wide can have catastrophic results. 
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