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Power and Battery Info

Battery Info

Directory and File Info

Following is the Directory for all battery management info:


File Name Purpose Notes / Possible states
capacity Current Charge level Range for values 1-100, I believe this is battery %
capacity_level Charge level in text I have only seen “normal”
charge_full ?? Maybe max battery level config Mine says 2341000
charge_full_design ?? Maybe max actual battery capacity Mine says 1340000
charge_now ?? Current level of battery charge Changes as battery discharges
current_now ?? Current power draw from battery Changes as device is used, + or - based on draw
manufacturer Who made the battery, TI. Texas Instruments
present ?? No clue I cannot guess
status Is it charging or discharging Says Charging / Discharging
technology Battery type, Li-ion Li-ion
temp Current battery temp Temperature missing decimal point, 226 means 22.6c
type Tells us we have a battery We have a battery, huzzah!
uevent Output from all files Outputs all files above and their values
voltage_now Current voltage level of battery Current voltage of battery

USB Charging Info

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