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Compatible Styli[edit]

The following table contains a list of styli that have been tested with the reMarkable. Remember that the qualities of each stylus are subjective: test them before you buy them.

Stylus Link Pressure sensitivity Pen angle (works with shading pencil) Calibration (accuracy) Notes
Lenovo Yogabook stylus [1] Good Good Fair tip is much harder which makes for a 'slippy' experience. Less pencil like than the rM pen
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 stylus [2] Very Good Good Perfect Nibs are harder and smoother than those in the reMarkable Marker, and the shorter, narrower stylus makes for a different writing experience. As Samsung's Note line screens are all based on the same technology, all Samsung Note line stylii should work equally well.
Onyx Boox Max Carta Pro 2 Wacom Digitizer stylus [3] Perfect Fair Perfect Onyx pen has inbuilt Wacom digitizer which means it has very good pressure sensitivity. Pen nib is slightly harder, which adds to the paper feel. It is excellent, it makes it feel even more like writing on paper. Nib also does not wear out. However, Pen nib is short which means the tilting does not work so well as once you get past about 70 degrees, the pen nib is no longer in contact with surface, it is only the pen edges. If needed for anything tilt related, do not buy.

It is not round, but six-sided and therefore doesn't roll away so easy. The nibs are replaceable and apparently fully compatible to reMarkable nibs. Wacom nibs don't work, they are slightly too thick and forcing them in might damage the pen. The pen also has a rubber shaped button on the rear end which is pressure sensitive and can be used for writing. This means, with a software modification it should be possible to use that one as an eraser...

Staedtler Noris Digital [4] Very Good Very Good Perfect Nibs are softer and a bit rubbery compared to the reMarkable Marker. Classic pencil size and shape maybe a little long though, no spare tips available currently, keep it away from the pencil sharpener!.
Wacom ACK22201 and Wacom ACK22203 pen tips [5] Unknown Unknown Unknown These tips work with some adjustments. According to a Facebook user: "I got them going: if you look at the head of the nib it's getting slightly thinner towards the "jaw" (to stay in the image...). After using a nail file and making it only slightly thinner it worked. Looks like it otherwise gets stuck after drawing the first line.

I tried it with the felt tip variant ACK22203, and I'd say pressure sensitivity and angle calibration stay the same."

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 stylus [] Unknown Unknown Unknown Facebook user writes "The pen works, but the customer experience is totally different. It's such as writing on a plastic surface, it losts the paper-like feeling. We must keep searching..."
S Pen for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition/Note Pro 12.2 [6] Very Good Good Perfect Nibs are softer and writing feels less like on paper.
Lenovo ThinkPad Pen [] Very Good Good Perfect Relatively close to the the original. A bit less resistance, leading to a less realistic experience.

Incompatible Styli[edit]

The following table contains the styli that are known to be not compatible with the reMarkable.

Name Link
Wacom Intuos CTH-690AK-S Art Pen [7]
HP Active Pen [8]
Surface Pen [9]