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Order, Shipping and Guarantee[edit]


DHL wants money from me, why?


If DHL wants some additional money from you, than you most likely ordered during the pre-order period. The pre-oder price did not include any taxes or import fees. DHL pays for you customes and VAT but obviously wants it back upon delivery. How much money you have to pay depends on your country and your batch. For example a first batch customer from Germany had to pay 74,85€ (~$88).

DHL ask for taxes and import fees, but also for customs clearance. The import cost can be reduced in some countries by doing the customs clearance yourself, and not paying DHL fees.


current shipping status


Daily Use[edit]

The device itself[edit]

Can I use different nibs?

Answer: Yes you can. The Wacom ACK22201 have the same shape. However, they might be harder and therefore potentially damaging the reMarkable display.

Update: it seems like they don't work properly Facebook usergroup

Wacom US Store

More information can be found in the List of compatible styli

How do I delete quick sheets?

1. Click on the "Overview" button


2. Click on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the page you want to delete. Note that you can select more than one page if you want to delete several at once.


3. Click on the small trashbin in the top right corner of your reMarkable display


There have been reports that the reMarkable won't let you delete a QS page. In that case just repeat step one and two until it works.

Android App[edit]

iOS App[edit]

Desktop App[edit]

The Desktop app is officially available for Windows and Mac iOS and unofficially available on Linux.

More information can be found under the reMarkable client article

Problem fixes[edit]

How to perform a hard reset?[edit]


  1. Press and hold power button for 10 seconds
  2. release
  3. Press and hold power button for another 2 seconds
  4. release


My battery live is incredibly short[edit]


The battery live is indeed a bit shorter than originally promised by reMarkable. As this is, however, largely determined by the software, we can keep hoping that this issue will be resolved with one of the hopefully soon coming updates. However, if your battery is draining significantly faster, you might try the following steps:

  1. Charge it fully (If not sure, keep it on charge over night)
  2. Switch your device completely off - it should say "Your reMarkable is powered off
  3. Switch it on again

This way you simply restarted your device after charging.

"Error logging in: SSL handshake failed" when setting up account[edit]


Your device has probably set wrong date and time, which somehow affect the connection to SSL secured server. The solution is to set the correct date & time.

  1. Connect to your device via SSH (see Methods_of_access#Connecting_via_ssh)
  2. Check if the date is incorrectly set
    $ date
  3. If not, update it (e.g. use UTC time from
    $ date -s "2017-12-11 12:00:00"
    $ hwclock --systohc
    $ reboot

Try to setup the account, it should work fine now.